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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Marijuana

In Ontario, buying marijuana from a licensed dispensary or the OCS website is legal. However, there are several methods to purchase marijuana due to the cannabis industry’s numerous developments.

You can consume it via smoking, drinking, vaping, eating, using it topically, or ingesting it as an oil or capsule. The majority of people discriminate between using cannabis to «get high» or «relax» (and occasionally both!)

Knowing the distinctions between THC and CBD before making a purchase is crucial. For example, CBD does not provide euphoria; THC does. For a more balanced experience, some strains and products combine the two, which is also a fantastic choice for many first-time users.

We often encounter items in 3 categories when it comes to THC:

  • Less than 10% THC in low doses
  • 10–20% THC in a medium dose
  • High Dose: 20–30% THC plus

Although each person’s tolerance and effects may differ based on unique personal characteristics, the preceding information is a fantastic beginning point.

Next, pick how you will consume the product after deciding if you want a THC, CBD, or balancing product.

Each consumption pattern has particular elements, such as:

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Using a Bong or Joint

Cheaper consuming technique, quicker onset (usually within 5–10 minutes), and convenience of smoking anywhere. You may either learn to make your joints or buy pre-rolled ones. Ground-up dried cannabis flower is rolled in unique joint-rolling materials.


For a more precise and regulated experience, you may buy disposable pens or vape cartridges. Disposables are for occasional usage, and vape cartridges typically operate with a 520 battery (available separately).


Cannabis may be eaten in an edible form. The onset times might range from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the diet, tolerance, and eating pattern. You don’t have to worry about an overpowering experience since Shivaa’s Rose’s legal and controlled edibles have a maximum THC content of 10MG per box (we’ve all heard the old tales about eating a cookie or brownie and becoming much too high). The edible limit provides first-time users with a secure environment to test various delicacies.



Over the past year, the market for cannabis beverages has expanded! Several solutions are available on the market right now for you to test. If you’re seeking an alternative to beer, Mollo and Bedfellows have something that tastes comparable. Want to avoid the flavour of beer? That’s okay since more than 40 drinks are available, including flavoured coffee, juice mixes, and seltzers! Most edibles have a comparable onset to beverages, while some can now take action more quickly.

The dosage of beverages might range from 2.5MG for a mild dose to 10MG for a significant amount. This is because every palate can find a flavour that suits them.

To understand more about some of the most significant cannabis beverages available in Ontario, read our article delving into the world of cannabis beverages.

Tinctures and Oils

Several fantastic oils and tinctures are available for those searching for more exact dosages and a non-smoking option. Always ask your budtender for recommendations because they may vary significantly in strength. Then, depending on your cannabis goals, we can assist point you in the proper direction.

THC, CBD, and other less popular cannabinoids are in certain oils. Oils are a terrific starting point to help you feel at ease with determining your ideal dose.

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